Crimewave hits Gainsborough...

LOCK your doors, don’t leave valuables on display, mark all your stuff with those clever UV invisible pens, get timer lights, burglar alarms, chains on your doors, bars on your windows etc etc.

Before you know it your house will be done up like Fort Knox.

But will it make any of us feel any safer?

Erm nope.

Because at the end of the day these hooligans are barging into homes and nicking stuff when we’re off out down the market, or on our holidays or visiting sick relatives in hospital.

Prevention only works to a point.

What these scum need to see is their peers go down for some serious hard time when they are caught.

If you’re a repeat offender, which let’s face it most of these crooks are, they deserve the book throwing at them.

Giving them a slap on the wrist and ordering them to pay court costs just won’t cut it.

Victims of such crimes can find themselves traumatised for years after being broken into.

Some even have to move house just so they can feel safe again.

These petty crooks don’t care about the long term damage they cause.

All they’re worried about is how quickly they can shift our precious valuables, and how high a price they can get for them.

Gone are the days of leaving your doors unlocked and letting your children play out in the road.

Now if you get burgled and your house wasn’t built like Broadmoor Prison the message coming through seems to be ‘it’s your own blooming fault’!

We’ll I’ve heard it all now.

The most obvious solution for Gainsborough is to bring in more coppers.

It’s all very well having police out in panda cars and in plain clothes, or trapped behind desks pushing paperwork about, but what we really want to see is good, old fashioned, back to basics policing.

Police patrols by 6ft tall strapping men who look like they could not only chase after you but could give you a good thrashing when they caught you.

No one wants to see short, old, fat bobbies waddling down the street after crooks.

Neither am I interested in dolly birds armed with a feather duster.

The only way they’d catch a crook is when then thief doubled over laughing.

It might not be politically correct but something used to be working and it isn’t any more.

The Captain