‘Worst’ streets in town now on web

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A NEW police initiative has revealed Gainsborough’s crime hotspots.

The website www.police.uk was launched so that local people can get a better idea of what is happening in their area.

The ‘crime map’ of Gainsborough showed that the streets with the most crime in town are Bowling Green Road and Colville Terrace.

The map shows that the area near Bowling Green Road has had the most incidents of crime and anti-social behaviour, with 12 incidents of anti-social behaviour and eight other ‘crimes’. But residents said that the map is unfair.

“There’s not as much crime as people might think,” said Bowling Green Road resident Colin Ayre.

“When there is crime the trouble comes to us – we keep ourselves to ourselves. It’s people that come here to our street that put our windows through and cause trouble, not the people that live here. The people around here are brilliant, they’re great neighbours.”

However, a fellow resident added: “It doesn’t surprise me, it’s pretty horrible around here.”

“It’s not very nice at all and there’s always something going off. There are always people overdosing passed out on the floor, starting fires, fighting, shouting and cars speeding.”

Another neighbour continued: “We’ve had to drop our house price by £7,000 already and we’ve still had no interest. People like the house but just don’t like the area.”

Colville Terrace was the second worst area for crime in Gainsborough, with 14 incidents or crime and anti-social behaviour, however residents believe this is unfair and the numbers are high because of the Tesco store opposite.

“There have been a few break-ins but I wouldn’t say there’s any more crime than any other street,” said resident Amanda Dennis.

“I think the numbers are probably because of Tesco. That won’t look good if you want to move into the area, but most of the residents are elderly - they don’t cause trouble.”

Neighbour David Tindall added: “You often see kids hanging around Tesco after it’s closed, sometimes at three or four o’clock in the morning. Crime isn’t that bad at all around here.”

A police spokesman said: “The map states that the figures relate to crimes in the area close to any given street, not necessarily in that street itself. This is to protect people’s privacy.”

They added: “Making this information available to the public will help to raise awareness of how police are working to reduce crime and disorder in communities.”