Witness box confession by defendant accused of murdering Gainsborough man was mistake

Lincoln Crown Court
Lincoln Crown Court

The jury in the trial of the drug dealer accused of murdering Gainsborough man Jordan O'Brien was today told that his alleged confession from the witness box was a mistake.

Barrister Nicholas Johnson QC, representing Kieran Walker, told the jury at Lincoln Crown Court in his closing speech: "Plainly it was a mistake.

"I would invite you to take great care about that piece of evidence. Please don't convict a man of murder on a slip in his language.

"He never meant to give the answer he did. He didn't realise he had said it."

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The prosecution say that Walker was telling the truth when he answered a question put to him about whether Jordan O'Brien said anything during the attack on him. Walker told the jury "just the screaming when I was attacking him".

Mr Johnson described Walker as a successful drug dealer who was prepared to enforce debt payment by threats and violence but did not use weapons.

He told the jury "Kieran Walker is a man who is a drug dealer who does that to sell and make money. He is good at it. He has been doing it for six years and has not got a single conviction for selling drugs.

"What is striking is that he has no convictions for causing really serious harm. There are no convictions for the possession or use of any weapons."

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Walker admits he was at the scene when Jordan O'Brien was attacked with a machete in Scampton Way, Gainsborough, but told the jury that he drove the attacker to the house. He said that he remained in the car while the other man carried out the attack using a machete leaving Jordan with catastrophic injuries from which he subsequently died.

Walker, 27, of Larch Avenue, Auckley, Doncaster, denies murder.

The trial continues.