Three jailed for ‘brutal’ attack on Gainsborough taxi driver in town

Scott Milson, Sam Bowler and Thomas George Marples were all convicted for attacking local taxi driver Terry Mountcastle
Scott Milson, Sam Bowler and Thomas George Marples were all convicted for attacking local taxi driver Terry Mountcastle

Three men who carried out a ‘brutal’ assault on an off-duty taxi driver in Gainsborough town centre have been jailed at Lincoln Crown Court.

Terry Mountcastle, 50, suffered bleeding on the brain after he was attacked outside the White Horse pub on 27th August 2011.

Former-soldier Scott Millson, 30, from Scunthorpe, was jailed for 18 months after he admitted delivering the single punch which knocked Mr Mountcastle to the floor, while Millson’s two friends, Thomas Marples, 24, also from Scunthorpe, and Sam Bowler, 27, from Waddingham, near Gainsborough were each sentenced to four years imprisonment after they admitted kicking Mr Mountcastle as he lay on the ground.

The court heard how Mr Mountcastle was among a group who went to remonstrate with the men after Marples had assaulted two local women earlier in the night. Phil Howes, prosecuting, said the violence lasted just 12 seconds after Millson threw the first punch at Mr Mouncastle shortly before 11.30pm.

Mr Howes told the court: “Mr Millson, having delivered the first blow which knocked Mr Mountcastle to the floor, did not kick out - Bowler and Marples did kick. It must have been obvious to them when they got involved Mr Mountcastle was senseless on the ground.”

A witness described Mr Mountcastle as being limp and feared he was dead. He was taken to hospital where a CT scan revealed non-life-threatening bleeding on his brain.

In a victim impact statement which was read out in court Mr Mountcastle said: “This assault has left me very unsure of myself. I don’t like going out by myself.”

Millson, who walked away after throwing the punch, admitted he had made a ‘stupid mistake’ after drinking 12 pints of Stella Artois lager and five shots.

Bowler said he couldn’t remember anything about the assault, and Marples admitted delivering one kick after being shown CCTV of the attack - which he said was ‘disgusting’.

Marples, of Enderby Road, Scunthorpe, admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent and two charges of common assault. Bowler of Common Road, Waddingham, admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent, and Millson of The Fairways, Scunthorpe, admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm.

Passing sentence Judge Michael Heath told all three men: “This was alcohol-fuelled sickening street violence when the three of you were in a group.”

“The victim in this case, a 50-year-old man, was completely off-guard when you, Millson, punched him with what can only be described as a punch of brutal force.

He added: “You, Bowler and Marples, then kicked him when he was in no position to defend himself on the floor. You could have killed him.”

A Lincs Police spokesman said: “This was a particularly nasty attack. We hope these offenders being brought to justice demonstrates our commitment to tackling violence and abuse in our communities.”