Security advice after theft

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Local news

LINCOLNSHIRE Police is urging people to take simple precautions to avoid being burgled while away on holiday.

The warning follows a theft at a property in Lincoln Road, Saxilby which took place between 28th June and 12th July, while the owners were away.

An offender broke in through the back door and stole bank cards, jewellery and a watch.

The cards were later used in the Notts area to withdraw cash.

Last year a number of houses were also targeted while people were away which led to a long-term police operation and the arrest and conviction of a prolific offender.

A force spokesman said there is no suggestion the incident in Saxilby is part of a large series of thefts at the moment, but officers are keen to get resident thinking about their security before they go away on holiday.

They have issued a number of step which residents can take to help avoid being targeted.

n Residents should cancel anything that is delivered to their house on a daily or weekly basis like newspapers and magazines.

n Fit timer switches for lights so they can go on and off throughout the day and night, making the property look occupied.

n Get a relative, friend or neighbour to check on your property a couple of time while you are away.

Tell them to open or close curtains in different rooms and removed any mail that has come through the letterbox.

n Ask if a neighbour is prepared to use your driveway to park their car on. Again this will make it seem as though the property is occupied.

n Do not keep documentation with pin numbers or passwords on.

If residents really need a note of a pin number then they should hide it within a realistic fake phone number.

n Consider fitting a burglar alarm.

Police say that the initial cost could be offset by a reduction in home insurance and officers know that burglars do avoid properties with alarms because it is not worth the risk.