Row after dogs fight in street

In Court
In Court

A ROW between two dog owners led to a Whitwell man damaging his adversary’s van, a court heard.

Bad blood between George Nixon and Daniel Walker stemmed from an incident in late January when their dogs clashed in the street.

The pair blamed each other for the skirmish and, six weeks later, another confrontation developed, Chesterfield magistrates were told.

Fernando Rodrigues, prosecuting, said Mr Walker took a pole from his Citroen Berlingo van and struck Nixon with it. Nixon then punched a van window, which smashed.

“They were separated and drove away. No action was taken regarding the assault allegations,” said Mr Rodrigues.

Nixon, 40, of Southfield Lane, Whitwell, pleaded guilty to damaging the van on 6th March. He had a previous conviction for damage.

Jon Barber, for Nixon, said a dog had emerged from Mr Walker’s property and attacked his dog as he walked past.

“Mr Nixon extricated his dog and Mr Walker seemed to take umbrage and blamed him. He later went to Mr Nixon’s home and had a go at him and made threats,” said Mr Barber.

Nixon made a complaint to police. On the day of the offence they passed each other and Mr Walker turned his van around and followed Nixon’s motorcycle until it stopped.

Nixon, a father-of-four working at a Wilkinson distribution centre near Worksop, was given a one-year conditional discharge, with £85 costs.

The justices decided not to award compensation to Mr Walker because of the alleged provocation.