Puppies found dumped in box and left to die

THESE four puppies were crammed into a box and then dumped in a wood near Dinnington and left to die.

The puppies were put in the box and left at a remote spot in Swinston Hill Woods where they were unlikely to be found. But luckily the puppies were discovered before they froze to death by a man walking his dog. He carried the frightened pups, which are thought to be Staffordshire bull terriers crossed with a bull mastiff, to Thornberry Animal Sanctuary.

The puppies are settling in well in their new home where they are cared for until they are ready to be adopted.

Sarah Froggat, who helps out at the sanctuary, described the act ‘cruel and uncaring’.

She said: “For puppies to be dumped is bad enough but at this time of year, when snow is falling, for them to be left in such a remote place is just unthinkable.

“Thankfully they were found by a man walking his dog. They are very lucky puppies indeed.”

“He brought them in to us and after we warmed them up they appeared to be none the worse for wear.”

The puppies, which Sarah estimates to be around six weeks old, will now be cared for, immunised and microchipped.

Then, when they are old enough and strong enough, all four of the dogs will be made available for adoption.