Police support campaign as 62 motorcyclists die on Lincolnshire roads in the past five years

This week, Lincolnshire Police are supporting the NPCCs (National Police Chiefs Council), 2Wheels Campaign.
This week, Lincolnshire Police are supporting the NPCCs (National Police Chiefs Council), 2Wheels Campaign.

Figures for Lincolnshire show that almost a quarter of all reported road traffic collisions in the past five years have involved a cyclist or motorcyclist.

This week, Lincolnshire Police are supporting the NPCC’s (National Police Chief’s Council), ‘2Wheels Campaign’ in line with the force’s Operation Falcon, to raise awareness of the dangers faced by cyclists and motorcyclist.

Op Falcon is Lincolnshire Police’s continuing road safety "Fatal Four Operation".

Twenty per cent of fatal collisions on our roads in Lincolnshire involve motorcyclists and cyclists.

Figures show that 62 motorcyclists died as a result of a collision in the past five years and 13 cyclists died in the same period.

But the campaign is not only aimed at two wheeled users, it is also aimed at motorists, who are encouraging to share the road responsibly to help reduce the number of collisions.

Cyclists and motorcyclists feature heavily within road collisions and continue to be two of the "most vulnerable road users" according to police.

The aim of the national campaign is to raise awareness amongst all road users to improve driver behaviour but also to educate both groups of the dangers of not having the correct skills, knowledge and personal protective equipment.

Inspector Michael Burke for Lincolnshire Police said: "Our aim locally in supporting this national campaign is to improve awareness and raise road safety issues amongst cyclists, motorcyclists and other road users. Cyclists and motorcyclists are more vulnerable and we aim to do all we can, through both education and enforcement, to keep these two groups safe, and all motorists can play and part in this.”

Inspector Jason Baxter, Lincolnshire Specialist Operations, said: “Op Falcon is our annual operation aimed at reducing the number of people injured and killed in collisions on our roads. It’s objectives are the same as the NPCC’s campaign to reduce injuries and deaths, and educating all drivers and cyclists so we can work together to make the roads of Lincolnshire safer for everyone.”

Police and Crime Commissioner Marc Jones said: "I am acutely aware that road safety is at a priority for our residents and have worked hard with colleagues in the force to find ways to reduce the terrible and pointless casualties that occur.

"There is still much work to be done but I'm delighted to see that the ideas and impetus created by the Road Safety Summit I called some months ago are taking effect.

"The creation of the Safer Roads Team is one result of that process and Operation Falcon and the 2Wheels campaign are further important steps in addressing this problem.

"Any loss of life and limb as a result of accidents on our roads is a horrible ordeal for both the victims and their families and I will continue to seek new and innovative ways of tackling this issue."