OAP beats dog ban

Scales of Justice
Scales of Justice

A PENSIONER from Stow has overturned a ban on keeping dogs after a winning an appeal to Lincoln Crown Court.

James Thorne received an 18 month ban at Lincoln Magistrates Court last month after one of his three terrier dogs bit a visitor to his neighbour’s home.

Thorne, 66, of Stow Park Road, Stow, was convicted of being the owner of a dog which caused injury in a private place following the incident in June.

He was also fined and ordered to pay compensation.

Phil Howes, for the Crown Prosecution Service, told the appeal that Natalie Fairhurst, 23, was attacked by the dog while she was taking her 14 month old child out of her car.

The incident happened as she visited her in-laws who were neighbours of Thorne.

Mr Howes said: “The dog jumped up and bit her.”

“Mr Thorne has three dogs, all terriers. The precise dog which bit the lady is not known.”

Thorne told the appeal hearing that he has since increased the height of the fence between the properties.

He said “Now there is no way the dogs can get up and over the fence.”

His barrister Christopher Lowe said “He is deeply apologetic. Since this offence he has done all he can to ensure the fence around his property is more secure than it was.”

Judge Michael Heath, sitting with two magistrates, allowed the appeal against the ban on owning dogs.