Notts: Action week hailed as success


Officers and staff involved in a week of action on alcohol licensing and harm have hailed the campaign a success in Notts.

The Association of Chief Police Officers’ In Focus initiative put emphasis on the impact alcohol misuse has on policing nationally.

Activity in Notts ranged from Fatal Four operations which include speeding, licensing compliance checks, drug itemisers and antisocial behaviour patrols.

In the county, under Paul Horton and Suzie Rhodes-Best, 87 compliance checks were carried out in South Notts, 20 in Bassetlaw and 22 in Mansfield.

Over the weekend both on and off-licence venues were tested with an underage purchase check and in Mansfield and Retford two premises out of 22 failed the test purchasing.

These premises will now receive a fixed penalty notice and a written warning.

Assistant Chief Constable, Simon Torr, said: “This was an excellent week highlighting the issues police face when it comes to excessive drinking.”

“As well as taking positive action against those who threaten the safety of our communities we had the opportunity to educate people on the dangers of alcohol misuse, show the levels of policing involved in dealing with irresponsible drinking on weekends, and provoke debate on a range of topics.”