Nottinghamshire police officer suspended for gross misconduct: force will not confirm if related to Amber peat investigation

Police image
Police image

A Nottingham police officer has been suspended for allegations of gross misconduct which included inappropriate text messages described as “disrespectful and shameful”.

Nottinghamshire Police say the officer was suspended as soon as the allegations came to light and an internal investigation has been launched.

According to a report in the national press the person involved in the inquiry relates to the Amber Peat investigation.

Nottinghamshire Police were not prepared to confirm whether the reports are accurate.

The misconduct which included is alleged to have happened between 2012 and 2015, included:

* Text messages to a personal acquaintance that included racist and derogatory language.

* Information disclosed to a personal acquaintance about police officers stopping someone they both knew, identifying the person stopped and describing what had happened.

* Various text messages that included derogatory personal comments about victims of crime with whom the officer had professional contact in their role.

* Text messages that included an image of an adult vulnerable victim from a police interview with whom the officer had professional dealings and about whom they made derogatory comments.

* Text messages a personal acquaintance and a family member which contained confidential information relating to a missing person’s enquiry the officer was working on and its progress.

Deputy Chief Constable Sue Fish said: “I am deeply upset that we are investigating such allegations.

“As soon as they came to light the officer involved was suspended from duty and an internal investigation commenced. We are now pursuing fast tracked misconduct proceedings to ensure the officer is dealt with appropriately as soon as possible.

“My colleagues have informed those victims or families who are referred to in the messages sent and apologised to them for the suffering this news will undoubtedly cause them.

“The cases they relate to have been reviewed independently and I am confident that the outcome of those investigations has not been adversely affected by this disclosure and/or the attitudes expressed.

“In addition I give my personal apology to those victims and their families for this disrespectful, shameful behaviour.

“As an organisation we pride ourselves on the high standards of professionalism and integrity we set for our officers and staff. We will take swift and robust actions against any person who falls below this standard. I hope that the actions of this officer does not detract from the efforts of the hundreds of people who represent Nottinghamshire Police on a daily basis and who work very hard to keep our communities safe and protect vulnerable victims of crime.”

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