North Lincolnshire Council issues warning to residents over bogus callers

Beware bogus officials
Beware bogus officials

Only let a person into your house if you know them, is the warning from North Lincolnshire Council after an 80 year-old woman was duped when someone she let into her house ran off with her valuables and money.

The Grimsby resident thought the lady at the door was linked with her carers so let her in, gave her a glass of water and let her use the toilet. But while she was gone, she took the opportunity to steel personal items and money belonging to the victim.

Councillor Richard Hannigan, cabinet member for Governance and Transformation at North Lincolnshire Council, said: “This is a dreadful incident where a vulnerable woman was the victim of a callous act. The elderly resident put her trust in the caller but in doing so, didn’t realise she was the target of a bogus caller and as a result her money and valuables were stolen.

“The message is clear, if you don’t know the person at your door, DO NOT let them in without first seeing their ID or checking with the agency.

“Sadly, it is an all too common trick where predators seek out vulnerable people as their victims by pretending to be from an official organisation to gain entry into their home and steel from them.

“Please be on your guard and only let into your house those you know and remember to ask to see some form of ID. If in doubt, keep them out.”

For a free leaflet giving advice on how to beat the bogus caller, visit