Manhole cover dropped on lorry

Thorndike Way railway bridge G110712-5
Thorndike Way railway bridge G110712-5

A LORRY driver had a lucky escape when a manhole cover was dropped from a bridge and smashed through his vehicle.

The driver, who works for Polypearl Moulded Products Ltd, was travelling back to his depot when he heard a loud thud, but continued his journey.

When he got back to the depot at the Corringham Road Industrial Estate he discovered a hole on the vehicle’s bodywork, near the driver’s cab, and a 12 inch deep manhole cover on the floor of the lorry.

The driver belives the manhole cover was dropped either at the railway bridge on the A631 Thorndike Way, or the Middlefield Lane bridge.

“This was extremely reckless behaviour which could have easily killed the driver or seriously injured him,” said a spokesman for Lincolnshire Police.

“It could also have caused him to lose control of the vehicle, causing a serious collision with a number of other vehicles.”

“Clearly, it’s important we find out who did this as soon as possible.”

“We are appealing for anyone who may have seen any suspicious activity on or around the bridge to get in touch with us.”

“Anyone who engages in this kind of behaviour will be dealt with extremely robustly by the police.”

Anyone with information should call Lincolnshire Police on 0300 1110300.