Man hurt in bar

In Court
In Court

TWO teenagers have been banned from a Worksop bar after attacking a man on its dancefloor.

Thomas Heath and Gareth Kirk, both 18, admitted the assault at the Corner House in the early hours of 4th November last year.

Worksop Magistrates’ Court heard there was an altercation between the victim and the pair’s friends on the dance floor.

Prosecutor Ruth Snowdin said ‘without warning’ Heath pushed the victim and Kirk punched him so hard that he fell unconscious, severly cutting his lip.

Defence solicitor David Verity said the pair were out with friends and had both drunk a lot.

He said the victim was acting aggresively towards some of their friends and that both men were full of remose and apologise for their actions.

In a separate case Heath admitted stealing a bank card from his former girlfriend, cash and credit transfer payments.

The court heard that Heath attended a party at his former partner’s home.

Mrs Snowdin said Heath took the bank card and carried out seven different transactions, using the money to feed his gambling habit and buy cigarettes.

He has already paid back some of the money he took.

Magistrates gave Heath, of Radford Street, a 12 month community order with 240 hours unpaid work.

He must pay £136 to his former girlfriend and £150 to the assault victim, and £100 in court costs.

Kirk, of Ely Close, was given a 12 month community order with 200 hours unpaid work.

He must pay £250 compensation to the man he punched and pay £100 court costs.

Both are banned from the Corner House for a year.