Man hid stash in his car

In Court
In Court

A GAINSBOROUGH man was caught with cocaine and heroin hidden in his car, a court heard.

Richard Anthony Hall was caught in Blyton on 30th March with 3 grams of cocaine and 1.3 grams of diamorphine, or heroin, found in the interior roof panel of a burgundy Ford Galaxy.

He pleaded guilty to two charges of posession of class A drugs, claiming that he spent £100 on the cocaine and £50 on the heroin

The 36-year-old from Dunstall Walk, Gainsborough confessed that the drugs were for his own personal use but said that he was under immense distress at the time of the offence.

“I’m very sorry for what I’ve done and I can’t explain it,” Hall told Lincoln Magistrate Court on Monday 27th June.

“My friend had died of Leukemia and I just went on a bit of a mad weekend.”

Taking the father-of-one’s limited income into consideration, District Judge Blake showed little remorse.

“You found the money to spend on drugs so you will have to find the money to pay the fines,” he said.

He added: “Keep coming back here and you will soon find yourself on the bus to prison.”

Hall was forced to pay a fine of a total of £300.