Local copper up for rescue bravery award

Gainsborough policeman PC Paul Sandall was up for a national Police Bravery Award
Gainsborough policeman PC Paul Sandall was up for a national Police Bravery Award

A GAINSBOROUGH policeman has been nominated to represent Lincolnshire for an award after he bravely plunged into the freezing River Trent to rescue a man.

Local copper PC Paul Sandall, along with the then acting Sergeant Jason Wright, responded to a call of a man in difficulty in the River Trent in the early hours of a cold February morning last year.

“On arrival, the officers could see that the water was flowing fast and looked rough,” said Lincs Police spokesman James Newall.

“The riverbank was so high that the man was unable to get out of the water and he was getting tired from attempting to get out. The current was so strong that the man was struggling to keep his head above water.”

He continued: “Sergeant Wright jumped into the water to support the man and held his head above water, whilst PC Sandall anchored a rope and helped his colleague to keep the man afloat.”

“They tried to keep the man conscious by talking to him and reassuring him.”

He continued: “After what felt like a long 20 minutes treading water, the Fire and Rescue crew arrived and winched the man back to the pavement.”

“The heroic and swift actions of the officers in such trying and dangerous conditions saved the man’s life.”

James added: “Although they didn’t win the award, we are very proud of Jason and Paul as they truly deserve recognition for their amazing actions. They are a credit to the force.”

Chairman of the Lincolnshire Branch of the Police Federation Constable Stuart Hamilton said: “We are enormously proud of Jason and Paul, their actions and quick thinking saved this mans life.”

“What they did and the actions of all the other nominees highlights the dangers each and every officer can face when they begin their shift.”

Constable Hamilton added: “Action is needed and split second decisions sometimes need to be made which can mean life or death.”