Lincolnshire: Care home resident hid cocaine in room

In Court
In Court

A Lincolnshire man who was caught hiding a small stash of cocaine in his room at a county care home was jailed for four years and eight months.

Alan Ismanyckyj, 59, was sent to Ashby Court in Lincoln after jumping from a first floor window to escape a gang chasing him for a debt.

Lincoln Crown Court heard Ismanyckyj was on already on bail for dealing in heroin when he was admitted to the care home to recover from spinal and leg injuries.

David Outerside, prosecuting, said: “He was recovering from spinal injuries when carers smelt cannabis coming from the room.”

“The carers entered the room and opened a ruck sack. It was found to contain cocaine.”

Inside the ruck sack were three one eighth packages of cocaine and five smaller one gram deals.

“The street value of one-eighth is around £150, with one gram around £40,” he said.

Over £500 in cash and a small amount of cannabis was also found during a search of Ismanyckyj’s room.

The court heard Ismanyckyj was on bail after police found around 30 grams of heroin with a potential street value of £1,900 during a raid at his home in Sincil Bank, Lincoln.

Officers also seized £1,950 in cash, digital scales and a small amount of cannabis.

Ismanyckyj, who was jailed for six years in 2005 for drug related offences, later admitted dealing heroin to friends to fund his own habit.

Gareth Wheetman, defending, said: “This is a most unusual case. This man’s home was targeted by intruders. He was so in fear that he lept from the first floor window,” he said.

“It was a local gang who made it plain they felt he owed them a debt. In those circumstances he obtained a bulk amount of cocaine to give to the gang in the hope they would let him be.”

Ismanyckyj admitted possessing heroin with intent to supply and possessing cannabis following the search in November 2010.

He also admitted possessing cocaine with intent to supply and possessing cannabis following the search at the care home in August 2011.

Sentencing him, Judge Sean Morris said Ismanyckyj must pay the price for returning to drug dealing.

“This is what happens when you swim with sharks, you get bitten,” he said.