Isle residents urged to protect their homes

South Yorkshire Police are giving advice about securing your home as the warm weather continues.
South Yorkshire Police are giving advice about securing your home as the warm weather continues.

A warning has been issued to Isle residents to protect their homes from sneak-in burglary.

The timely advice has been given by North Lincolnshire Council now that the warmer weather is upon us.

Between June 2014 and May 2015, 28 per cent of domestic burglaries across the county were sneak-ins. Most sneak-in burglaries become a result of someone leaving a window or door open or unlocked.

NLC’s Safer Neighbourhoods is urging people not to become a victim by following some basic crime prevention advice: keep doors and windows locked even when you’re in; always remember to switch on your burglar alarm; keep valuables out of view; if you have a garage, use it to store your car; cancel the milk and newspapers when you go on holiday and find a trusted neighbour, friend or relative to move your post and open and close blinds and curtains; don’t leave garden tools or furniture outside; dispose of packaging for expensive items properly.

Being a victim of sneak-in burglaries can have emotional and financial effects. High value goods are costly to replace if stolen, and items such as phones and cameras often hold information with sentimental value. Register property on so that if it is stolen and recovered by police it can be returned to you. Download free tracking software onto mobile phones and laptops.

Councillor Carl Sherwood, cabinet member for Sport, Leisure and Customer Services, said: “We are urging homeowners to follow these precautionary measures that will help protect them from being burgled. It will help deter thieves, and in turn reduce the overall crime rate. These simple steps will hopefully save many people the frustration and upset of being burgled, and make them feel safer in their community.”