Isle residents asked “are you doing your bit?”

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Burglary across the county has reduced over the last five years, however Humberside Police are keen to see this continue over the summer months - when traditionally there are increased reports of insecure burglaries, thefts of cycles and other property from outbuildings, and people leaving their properties empty while enjoying summer holidays.

olice take these threats seriously, with work taking place across Humberside to prevent offences from occurring through dedicated activity focused on prevention, intelligence and enforcement. This involves officers and staff from all the policing commands along with local authorities and other partner working together to provide the best possible service to the community.

Detective Chief Inspector Paul Kirby said: “I have seen the effect that burglary has on victims and its right that we prioritise reducing this crime. A huge amount of police and partnership effort goes into bringing offenders to justice and challenging and re-profiling their behaviour and drivers. This has led to significant reductions in burglary offences over the last five years, but there is always more for us to do.”

Prevention work focuses on the education and support of the public in adopting crime prevention advice through Neighbourhood and partner agency activity such as community events and distribution of crime prevention material or targeting hardening equipment. It also involves analyzing historic crime hotspots and putting in place changes to the physical environment to make them less desirable targets to offenders in the future with gating being fitted or the erection of CCTV.

DCI Kirby added: “Prevention is clearly always better than the cure. The police have limited influence over this and rely heavily on the public to take basic steps. I’ve lost count of how many times in my career I’ve heard people say ‘If they want to be in, they’ll get in’. Whilst there is a small element of truth in that view, the reality is that a large proportion of offences are opportunist and easily preventable. The measures required to reduce the likelihood of you becoming a victim are quite basic and often free. When our local communities and groups have embraced this approach, it has made a real difference for them. I’d encourage everyone to work with us and do their bit to reduce burglary even further.”

The intelligence work focuses on ensuring the police have every available detail of who is offending and what they are doing with property once they have stolen it. This relies on police personal, colleagues from other service and the public feeding through information about criminality in their areas. Using this abundance of data specialist teams are able to develop a picture of where, when and who may be offending, so targeted patrolling can take place, appropriate crime prevention activity can be delivered and offenders responsible for offences can be identified and brought to justice.

Enforcement is not simply reactively investigating burglaries that are reported, though this is one element with specially trained Detectives, Community Teams doing house to house enquiries and Crime Scene Investigation capturing forensic evidence.

It is also about focusing on the people who are believed to be responsible or likely to be responsible for offending in the future. Through Integrated Offender Management police and partner agencies engage and visit prolific offenders to get them to seek support with their root causes of their offending. If they do not engage plans are put in place to disrupt their future offending so they can be effectively dealt with if they do start re-offending.

DCI Kirby added: “The approach the force takes to investigating, deterring and detecting burglaries is more scientific than ever going way beyond catching and convicting. However to reduce burglary further we need the public to take steps to protect their property.”

The public can assist the police by locking windows and doors and adopting good home security detailed on the Protecting your property section of the police website, getting property registered onto Immobilise so it can be identified/returned if lost or stolen and by calling Humberside Police with information about criminality.