Isle and South Yorkshire dog owners are warned to guard their pets

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Dog owners in the Isle are warned to watch over their pets following reports of thefts and attempted snatches across the area.

Numerous reports on social media have warned of pets being taken across North Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire.

A white van has been linked to incidents in a number of cases.

An alarm was raised very recently by the owner of a dog training school just outside the Isle in Cleatham.

Pauline Sharpe of Field of Dreams Dog Training School sent warnings out after a member reported an attempted snatch of her German Shepherd dogs in an exercise field by two men.

People were warned: “It was only when one of the dogs went mad barking and she heard screaming and shouting that she realised they were there.”

The men were in a white van. Pauline added: “We assume one of the men had a bite as material was in the dogs mouth. They fled back to the van and sped off.

“It was clear they were up to no good, as they didn’t hang about nor have we heard anything since.”

It was the second time the field had been targeted by two men in a white van, she added. “In view of the amount of dogs being stolen, it really is vital to remain vigilant.”

It is thought that in this case the men planned to open the gate and grab dogs as they ran out.

Other reports from around the area include accounts of dogs being snatched from owners in public places.

One Bichon Frise said to have been taken from its owner while being walked on a lead was dumped a few weeks later. It was reunited with its owner covered in wounds, presumably after being used for baiting.

Thefts of dogs, including litters of puppies are also reported from homes and gardens.

Mandy Lythe of Isle Animal Rescue added her voice to the warnings to people to be vigilant and to keep their pets safe at all times.

A Humberside Police spokeswoman said they had no crime pattern linked to such incidents but that anyone concerned or with an incident to report should contact police as soon as possible on the 101 number.