Inquest into Clowne death

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A TROUBLED father-of-two had a ‘complete break-down’ before he took his own life at his home in Clowne, an inquest heard.

On Friday 18th May, an inquest into the death of 43-year-old Roy Thompson heard that the truck driver had been troubled for months and diagnosed as bi-polar and was taking anti-depressants.

Police found him at his home in Blackberry Court in Clowne on 24th January - a few months after he had been sectioned at Bassetlaw Hospital.

The inquest heard how Mr Thompson was suffering with pressure and stress from work as well as struggling to come to terms with the death of his mother.

A statement from Roy’s sister Lynne Thompson read: “The death of his mum effected Roy very badly and I don’t think he ever got over it.”

The inquest also heard how in the months leading up to his death, Mr Thompson’s behaviour grew increasingly ‘erratic’ - resulting in him eventually being sectioned.

The inquest also heard how Mr Thompson also told his family that he had won the lottery and how encounters with him ended with him ‘talking gibberish’ and acting ‘aggressively’.

North Derbyshire Deputy Coroner Nigel Anderson returned a narrative verdict adding: “I am satisfied that he took his own life, but the question of intent remains unclear.”

Speaking to his family, Mr Anderson added: “I am sorry that you have lost a brother, and that the children have lost a father.”