Humberside transport hubs are focus of National Counter Terrorism Campaign

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Transport hubs across the Humberside area have become the focus of police activity on day two of the national Counter Terrorism awareness campaign.

Targeted operations and security briefings will be used to increase the resilience of ports, train stations and transport depots as part of wider, co-ordinated activity throughout the country. In addition to this activity, members of the public may also see increased patrols at transport sites.

At specified locations, officers will be on hand to share travel and security advice with the public and transport providers. They will also be visiting smaller airfields and waterways to provide counter terrorism security advice under Project’s Kraken and Pegasus. Kraken and Pegasus are joint initiatives between the Police, the National Crime Agency and UK Border Force. They aim to increase awareness within the aviation and maritime communities to make the UK a more difficult place for terrorists and organised criminals to operate.

Security at transport hubs has been increased since threat level was raised to Severe in August. In addition, the vigilance of the public and those working in this environment plays a significant role when it comes to protecting our transport infrastructure and alerting police to suspicious activity or potential threats.

Today, staff working at transport hubs will receive training from Counter Terrorism Security Advisors. This training will show them what to look out for and how to respond in the event of a terrorist incident.

Assistant Chief Constable Alan Leaver, explained the importance of today’s activity: “While there is currently no specific intelligence of a terrorist attack nationally, or in the region, it is vital that we don’t become complacent. Experience tells us that our transport infrastructure is an attractive target for terrorists and we must do everything we can to prevent any attempt to threaten its safety.

“Counter Terrorism measures are continually reviewed by the police, emergency services, government and the military. Partner agencies regularly exercise with transport operators to ensure they are prepared for a rapid and effective response to any potential threats.

“By working with the public and transport operators to increase vigilance and encourage the swift reporting of suspicious activity, we are strengthening our security and making it much harder for terrorists to achieve their aims.”