Gainsborough: Teenager locked up for house burglary

In Court
In Court

A Gainsborough teenager who burgled a house in the town has been sent to a young offenders’ institution for 15 months.

Bradley Simpson, 19, of Portland Terrace, Gainsborough was spotted climbing out of the window of a property in Middlefield Lane after stealing a lap top and a computer games console.

Noel Philo, prosecuting, told Lincoln Crown Court that a witness dialled 999 after seeing Simpson leave the property.

Mr Philo said: “Police went to the property and discovered it had been burgled.”

“Witnesses gave details about the offence and that this young man was involved.”

The court heard that the occupier was contacted and confirmed that a Playstation 3 console and a lap top computer had been taken.”

“An officer saw Simpson on a push bike on Pingle Hill, which was not far from the burglary and it was not long after the burglary was committed,” Mr Philo told the court.

“He was in possession of the Playstation 3 and it was recovered. It appears the lap top was not recovered.”

Simpson admitted the burglary on 20th April this year. He also admitted breach of a community order imposed in January 2012 for handling stolen goods and failing to answer to bail.

Edna Leonard, defending Simpson, said the teenager was not alone when the raid was carried out.

She told the court: “He was with others who were older and whom he was influenced by.”

Miss Leonard said Simpson suffers from a serious heart complaint and urged that he be given a community sentence after spending time in custody awaiting his sentence.

“He has had a taste of what it is like in prison and it is something he does not relish at all,” she added.

But Judge Michael Heath told Simpson that there was no other option but a custodial sentence.

“There can only be one sentence for dwelling house burglary in these circumstances and that is immediate custody,” he said.