Gainsborough: Man jailed for attempted murder after knife attack on his step-brother

Darren William Bryant
Darren William Bryant

A Gainsborough man who knifed his step-brother in a ‘savage and brutal’ attack has been given an extended prison sentence of 21 years.

Darren William Bryant, 31, of Elsham Walk left victim David Jupp fighting for his life after the attack at Ashcroft Road on 30th December last year.

Bryant admitted attempted murder at Lincoln Crown Court and was sentenced yesterday (Thursday).

Gordon Aspden, prosecuting, told the court the father-of-two had a history of psychiatric problems but no previous criminal convictions.

“His victim, 29-year-old David Jupp is small in stature due to a long standing heart problem and has never been in the best of health throughout his life,” he said.

The court heard Mr Jupp and his wife Nicola separated in July. Mr Jupp left the home they shared and went to live in Doncaster with a friend.

“She then took in the defendant and his youngest son as a lodger, and they began a sexual relationship,” said Mr Aspden.

“Mr Jupp remained in contact with his wife as he still had feelings for her.”

The court heard this created tension between the step-brothers and all three spent an ‘uneasy’ Christmas afternoon together. Bryant was suspicious that Nicola and David Jupp were rekindling their relationship.

Bryant and Nicola Jupp rowed and on 29th December and he packed a bag and left.

The court heard that night Bryant met with a friend, who got out his father’s old TA kit including a 10cm sheath knife.

“Bryant was then heard to say ‘If I see him I’ll stab him all over’,” said Mr Aspden.

Bryant then went to Nicola Jupp’s home and went round to the back of the house.

“The defendant saw David Jupp in the house and this angered him and confirmed his suspicions,” said Mr Aspden.

“Bryant attacked David Jupp with the knife. He slashed across his throat and stabbed him in what was a savage and brutal attack.”

The court heard Nicola Jupp came into the kitchen and found blood everywhere with David Jupp on the floor badly injured.

Bryant then told her, ‘I told you I’d get him. I stabbed him with that’, before fleeing.

The court heard Bryant sent a number of texts to people he knew telling them what he had done.

At 1am police went to his mothers house and she called Bryant asking him to come round. When he saw the officers he tried to run but was caught and arrested.

Before arriving at the police station, Bryant told officers: “I hope he’s dead - or I’ll finish the job off when I get out of prison.”

“Mr Jupp was taken to Lincoln County Hospital with life threatening injuries, and was very fortunate to survive,” added Mr Aspden.

He suffered nine stab wounds and a slash wound to his throat. He was put into an induced coma and needed a ventilator to breathe. He was transferred to a hospital in Manchester for specialist care using an ECMO machine.

“He was in that machine for a month and was totally dependent on it to keep him alive. He would have died without it,” said Mr Aspden.

He was transferred back to Lincoln in February and was finally released in April.

The court heard the attack had left him unable to eat solid food, and only able to talk in a whisper due to the damage to his voice box.

Michael Cranmer-Brown, defending, said Bryant had a ‘history of failed relationships’ through no fault of his own.

“He has been betrayed by close people in matters of love and relationships,” he said.

He told the court that Bryant became concerned that the couple were going to get back together.

“And those concerns were justified. He went to see her that night to see if she was alright,” he said.

“He saw David Jupp there but has no recollection of what took place. He has presumably blocked it out.”

“He is very sorry for what he has done. He can’t explain why he behaved the way he did and wants to be helped.”

Judge Michael Heath told Bryant: “You stabbed David Jupp repeatedly in a savage and brutal attack while he was defenceless on the ground.”

“At your hand he received grave life-threatening injuries that were so severe he would have died but for brilliant medical intervention.”

He was given a 21 year extended sentence, 16 years of which will be served in prison, with the remaining five years on licence.