Gainsborough: Local people in the courts of Lincolnshire

In Court
In Court


Mark Andrew Turner, 28, no fixed abode. Assaulted a PC in the execution of his duty in Gainsborough on 8th May. Fined £180, costs £85, compensation £25, victim surcharge £20.


Wayne Douglas Newton, 39, Bridge Street, Gainsborough. Damaged a front door in Gainsborough on 12th May. Fined £100, compensation £100, costs £85, victim surcharge £20.


Denis Nicholson, 64, North Parade, Gainsborough. Failed to notify West Lindsey District Council of a change in circumstances altering entitlement to Council Tax benefit. Fined £100, costs £80, victim surcharge £20.


Leszec Janusz Kropinski, 54, Whites Wood Lane, Gainsborough. Speeding over 30mph at North Moor Road, Scotter on 31st October last year. Three points on licence, fined £200, costs £85, victim surcharge £20.


Mathew Luke Stanley Percival, 24, Lock Row, Torksey. Possession of a controlled drug of Class B, namely cannabis, on 5th May. Conditional discharge for six months, costs £85, victim surcharge £15. Forfeiture and destruction of the cannabis was ordered.


John Ernest Brett, 23, Windhill Terrace, Mexborough. Between 28th February and 3rd March this year at Blyton attempted to steal a Land Rover. Conditional discharge for 16 months, compensation £100, costs £85.


Scott Michael Jordan, 21, Cromwell Street, Gainsborough. Was found to be drunk and disorderly on 11th May. Fined £65, costs £85, victim surcharge £20.

Paul McMahon, 29, Drake Street, Gainsborough. Non-payment of fine of £135 which was imposed on 28th May 2010. Committed to prison for seven days as he is already serving a sentence in custody.