Fire warning to South West ward

Rubbish fires in the Clinton Terrace area G120925-1a
Rubbish fires in the Clinton Terrace area G120925-1a

RESIDENTS of the South West ward of Gainsborough are being urged not to put their rubbish out too early after a number of arson attacks and claims that it could ‘put lives at risk’.

Fire crews say that they are attending more and more rubbish fires in Gainsborough.

At around 9.05pm on Wednesday 12th September, Gainsborough fire fighters attended a rubbish fire in Portland Terrace.

Just minutes before, they had been tackling a similar incident in nearby Clinton Terrace.

“The problem seems to be people putting their rubbish out for collection too early,” said a Lincolnshire Police spokesman.

He continued: “But there is no excuse for people to set fire to it. It seems to be becoming a regular occurrence in that area.”

“It is very serious.”

“Someone could end up being hurt or even killed if fire spreads to one of the properties.”

To try and improve the situation, Lincolnshire Police and Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service are appealing for residents to put their rubbish out no earlier than the morning of collection day.

Councillors for the area are Trevor Young and Judy Rainsforth “I get the feeling that no-one cares when I go down there,” said Coun Rainsforth. “No sooner is the freighter gone, the rubbish appears in the street again. They just fling the bags over the walls.”

Coun Trevor Young agreed: “It always goes downhill year on year.”

“In the ten foot areas the rubbish is presented too early.”

“It’s an enforcement issue that is a major problem for many people down there. Something has to be done and we would welcome the provision of more bins.”

Local resident Melanie Kowal said she is very dismayed at the situation.

“It doesn’t matter when we put our rubbish out - it shouldn’t be set on fire,” said Melanie.

“That being said, it only gets as bad as it does because we have no proper wheelie bins.”

She added: “Fires are just the latest thing in this area of town - it’s not an easy place to live at times.”

If you see any suspicious activity, or know who is responsible for the fires, call the non-emergency number 101. Alternatively call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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