Driver in court for using his car ‘as a weapon’

A GAINSBOROUGH motorist deliberately drove into a 15-year-old schoolboy knocking the lad off his pedal cycle, Lincoln Crown Court was told.

Martyn Gardner had threatened the boy six months earlier, warning that he would put the teenager over his car bonnet.

And when the youngster cycled along Love Lane, Gainsborough, he was spotted by Gardner who was parked in the street.

Christopher Lowe, prosecuting, said the boy recognised Gardner and tried to avoid eye contact as he cycled past.

Moments later he heard the sound of a car exhaust revving and then heard a car accelerating towards him. The boy thought Gardner was going to overtake him but instead the motorist drove straight at him and he was knocked off his cycle.

Mr Lowe said: “The boy was flung off his bike onto the bonnet of the car and then rolled onto the road. The defendant made no attempt to stop.”

When Gardner was arrested later he falsely claimed the boy was cycling without lights and was wobbling from side to side as if he was drunk.

Gardner, 50, of Marlow Road, Gainsborough, admitted charges of dangerous driving and failing to stop after an accident following the incident on 26th April. He was banned from driving for 12 months.

Judge Michael Heath told Gardner: “You used your car as a weapon. You could have killed him.”

“In a case as grave as this I simply cannot do anything other than send you straight into custody.”

Andrew Bailey, defending, urged that any jail sentence should be suspended and said that Gardner was regarded as a kind and considerate man.