Doncaster sex abuse victim ‘would wake up screaming’, court told

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An alleged paedophile from Doncaster twice escaped justice because victims were brushed off when they tried to make complaints, a court heard.

One woman went to police in 2007 to claim she had been sexually abused by Stephen Noy, but was deterred from taking action.

And another woman said she raised similar claims with her social worker, but dropped the matter after she was warned of the effect they would have on Noy and his family.

Noy, aged 57, of Bernard Road, Edlington, denies eight charges of indecent assault from before 1990 and two counts of having sexual intercourse with a girl under 13 between 1988 and 1992.

Robert Underwood, prosecuting at Nottingham Crown Court, said: “When challenged, Noy’s response to the police was there was no truth in it at all.

“We contend this man is a predatory paedophile, unable to contain his own lustful desires and who decided to take it upon himself to sexually abuse.”

The first woman said a male officer told her it would be difficult to prosecute Noy because it was ‘her word against his’.

The woman, who said the incidents took place in the 1980s, when she was aged under five, said: “He said it would be hard to prove.”

However, she said details of the abuse began to haunt her.

“My memories came back at all times of the day and night,” she said. “It took over everything. If I did fall asleep, I had a nightmare. I can feel him touching me, even though it happened years ago. I would wake up screaming.”

The court was told the second woman had problems before she met Noy.

When he began to abuse her, she initially regarded it as ‘someone showing her attention’.

She said Noy encouraged her to have sex with another man.

When she later reported the conduct to her social worker, she was told: “If you pursue it, think of the effect on Mr Noy’s family.”

The trial continues.