‘Dodgy driveway dealer’ warning

Gainsborough residents are warned to be wary after Lincolnshire Trading Standards have reported a spate of ‘dodgy’ dealers offering to resurface driveways.

Over the past week, both Lincolnshire Trading Standards and Lincolnshire Police have received reports of traders posing as council road workers selling left over tarmac at a very low price.

Assistant director of highways and transportation at Lincolnshire County Council Paul Coathup said: “It’s disgraceful that these fraudsters are masquerading as council officers to trick members of the public.”

Lincs County Council senior trading standards officer Angela Kane said: “With the weather getting warmer, more and more people are starting to tidy up their gardens and driveways.”

“This provides plenty of opportunities for dodgy dealers to con residents into buying their services.”

“Common tactics used by these rogue traders have included professional-looking advertising, cold-calling, and high-pressure selling.”

Other warning signs of the re-surfacing scams are:

Claiming to have tarmac or asphalt left over from another job.

Not telling you the total cost upfront or offering you a contract.

Only accepting cash.

Offering deals that seem to be good to be true.

Using unmarked or non-logoed vehicles.

If you are approached by these traders, please note any descriptions and vehicle details and report to Lincolnshire Trading Standards on 01522 782341 or at tradingstandards@lincolnshire.gov.uk.