Defendant accused of murdering Gainsborough man had previously made threats over drug dispute

Lincoln Crown Court
Lincoln Crown Court

A defendant accused of murdering a Gainsborough man had previously made threats as part of a drug debt dispute, a court heard.

Jordan O'Brien, who died after being attacked with a machete outside his mother's home in Gainsborough, is alleged to have sold £2,000 worth of amphetamine which were supposed to have been looked after on behalf of Kieron Walker.

Walker, who is alleged to have carried out the fatal machete attack, threatened both Jordan O'Brien and Jordan's brother Callum over the debt.

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Callum O'Brien, giving evidence to the jury at Lincoln Crown Court, said that Walker threatened to run over himself and his brother Jordan.

He said that the dispute arose from two years ago when another man brought £2,000 worth of amphetamines to the O'Brien family home and asked for them to be looked after.

Mr O'Brien said: "He said he would come back later and get them. He didn't come back for them. Jordan sold them after a couple of days.

"Kieron Walker reckoned they were his. He wanted payments off my brother."

He told the jury that moments after Jordan O'Brien was attacked he saw Walker outside the family home on Scampton Way.

Callum said he was upstairs but ran down when he heard Jordan screaming.

"Jordan was in a bad condition. Really bad. I saw the hole in his leg. He said that Kieron Walker had hit him with a machete."

He said he then saw Walker running away holding a machete in his left hand and jump into a car which was driven off.

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Callum O'Brien said he had "no doubt at all" that the person he saw getting into the car and then leaving was Kieron Walker.

Under cross-examination he denied a suggestion that he had attempted to "improve" his evidence by adding to his original statement and saying that he saw Walker getting into the car.

Nicholas Johnson QC, representing Walker, questioned him saying "I suggest that is something you have been told about and could not possibly have seen yourself." Callum O'Brien replied "No".

The prosecution say that Walker struck Jordan O’Brien a number of blows with the machete with such ferocity that he almost severed his right leg.

Jordan suffered a catastrophic loss of blood and lost consciousness. He was taken to Hull Royal Infirmary but never recovered from his injuries and passed away on April 1 this year.

Walker, 23, of Larch Avenue, Auckley, Doncaster, denies murder.

The trial continues.