Christmas drink-drive warning


‘CARELESS mistakes can kill’ - that is the message being spread by Gainsborough police and the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership this Christmas.

In the coming weeks, they’ll be campaigning against driving under the influence of drink and drugs over the festive period.

A spokesman from the partnership said: “Nominated drivers are supported by Coca-Cola this year in over 8,000 outlets nationally providing their brand of soft drinks in a buy one get one free offer for the designated driver.”

“Locally, JD Wetherspoons have worked with Lincolnshire police to support the campaign. They will carry a range of non-alcoholic drinks from a menu of Winter Tasters. Customers of Wetherspoons in Lincolnshire can take these leaflets away to try at home too.”

Lincolnshire Police will be carrying out road-side breath testing and field impairment checks around the Gainsborough area, which will give an indication of whether a driver is under the influence of drugs.

The drink drive conviction remains on the driver’s licence for 11 years.

“Mixing alcohol with driving is never a good idea at Christmas or any other time of the year,” said Lincolnshire Coroner Professor Robert Forres.

“By doing it you increase the chance that you will get to meet me, but you won’t be shaking me warmly by the hand.”

He added: “Alcohol will multiply the adverse effects that some medicines have on your ability to drive safely. Look at the label on your medicine and the leaflet in the package.”

Nationally, 25 per cent of all road deaths involve the driver being under the influence of alcohol and last year saw the first increase in drink drive collisions since 2002.