Birthday for police disability database


This week marks the five year anniversary of Notts Police’s Pegasus PIN number database.

More than 350 are members of the scheme which is designed to assist people with disabilities or those who are vulnerable and may have difficulty to give spoken details, when calling the force.

The initial idea for Pegasus was put forward by a member of the public who has cerebral palsy and had experienced problems when calling the force. His idea was to create a way to make it more accessible for people with disabilities to call Notts.

It has been has been developed so that people with a disability can register their details in advance and explain clearly about how their disability restricts their day to day life, as well as list a trusted person who could be contacted during an emergency.

After becoming a member the resident is given a PIN number, which they give when making a call and the advisor is made aware of their disability and how it may effect their communication. Information can also be fed to police officers and staff so that they are aware of any issues.

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