Creswell: Doctor who had sex with a patient in his surgery is struck off

Creswell Medical Centre
Creswell Medical Centre

A GP who had sex with a patient at his Creswell surgery as other appointments took place a few feet away, has been struck off.

Dr Maurice Ripley seduced the woman, known as Patient A, with gifts of perfume and chocolates when she came to the Creswell Medical Centre,

The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service hearing in Manchester heard he even paid for her boob job, but threatened to rip out the implants three years later after the relationship soured.

Ripley was not present or represented as he was struck off for what the panel said was ‘disgraceful misconduct that had brought the profession into disrepute’.

Panel chairman Dr Vicki Harris said: “He abused his position of trust and exploited a vulnerable patient in order to pursue an improper emotional and sexual relationship.”

“The panel has therefore determined that, in this case, the only means of protecting patients and the public interest would be to erase Dr Ripley’s name from the medical register.”

“Dr Ripley’s conduct was fundamentally wrong and was a flagrant violation of the necessary trust between a doctor and his patient.”

“Not only was the cultivation and pursuit of this sexual relationship improper, but on at least one occasion Dr Ripley had sexual intercourse with Patient A in his consultation room during his clinic.”

“This, in itself, is utterly unacceptable and reprehensible conduct.”