County’s police force now rated ‘Good’ in all areas

Lincolnshire police's assistant chief constable, Paul Gibson.
Lincolnshire police's assistant chief constable, Paul Gibson.

Lincolnshire’s police force is “punching above its weight” after an official report revealed it had improved to a ranking of ‘Good’ in all areas.

So said Assistant Chief Constable Paul Gibson, who described the report by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) as “really positive news”.

The independent inspection looked at the force’s effectiveness, which was described in 2015 as “requiring improvement”. Now it is on the same level as the other two barometers by which the force is measured, efficiency and legitimacy.

“It is the third ‘Good’ rating we have received in the last 12 months,” said Mr Gibson. “It is a reflection of the commitment and dedication of our staff, who are working very hard. But primarily, there is a real sense of pride that we are delivering a good service to the people of Lincolnshire.”

One of the report’s findings was that crime across the county had dropped by 19.7 per cent over the last five years, compared to a fall of just 0.5 per cent nationally. “This shows that, when compared to other police services, we are doing really well and punching above our weight,” added Mr Gibson. “It is because people are dedicated to their roles, and we have good systems and processes in place.

“It is satisfying to see our long-standing plans to improve effectiveness come to fruition. We are a good force and should be proud of it.”

The report said the force’s approach to investigating crime and managing offenders had “greatly improved over the last two years”. The only areas where its performance could be bettered were protecting vulnerable people and supporting victims.

However, Mr Gibson said: “We have set up specialist sections to address these areas of concerns, and I am confident we will continue to enhance, evolve and improve. Overall, we are pleased with the inspection, but we will never rest on our laurels and will constantly try to improve where we are found wanting.”