County Councillors - Looking forward to a prosperous future


On Saturday 12th May a Gainsborough Area Summit was held at Trent Valley Academy.

District and parish councillors were joined by Mick Tinker representing the county council and folks from commercial and community organisations across Gainsborough and the surrounding villages.

The event identified ways forward in areas such as health, housing, education, transport and social and youth services.

There will be further discussions by groups concerned to take the town forward.

As your county councillors we have £2,000 each to disperse to groups within the community. So far we have made donations to a variety of groups including:

Performing Arts Club of St Johns, Lincoln and Lindsey Blind Society, Gainsborough Model Railway Society, Parents and Autistic Children Together, Gainsborough Riverside Festival and The Gainsborough and District Heritage Association.

Groups that might benefit from this fund should visit or contact us.

One of the frustrations of being a councillor is the amount of time it can take to get action on things that needs to be done. After the tragic events on the crossing on Ashcroft Road Pat O’Connor promised local residents he would do whatever he could to improve safety.

After a long campaign the county council has installed automatic speed advisory signs warning vehicles approaching not only of their speed but the fact they are coming up to a crossing.

Broadband connections are increasingly important in everyday life. The rapid growth of the internet and the dramatic rise of online services means that a slow broadband connection or none at all can pose serious problems.

Mick Tinker recently attended meetings on the poor broadband coverage in Lincolnshire and encourages all users to register their support for better broadband at

The Government is keen to see rail services devolved from Whitehall to local control.

Lincolnshire has been invited to submit views to the Department for Transport and we want to ensure the rail service to Sheffield and Lincoln is retained and the service at Gainsborough Central Station enhanced.

Gainsborough County Councillors

Pat O’Connor and Mick Tinker