County Councillors’ Column - Why is the state of our roads so poor?


The programme of replacing street lighting columns in the town continues and the next streets to be done are Parnell, Cobden and Morley Street.

As the scheme runs through a conservation area in the centre of Gainsborough and around the Old Hall the Council is considering moving the lamps adjacent to the Old Hall and installing them on the opposite side of the carriageway to improve the visual aspects of this significant property.

There is still some public concern about road safety on Cross Street and the recent developments have only focused this even more.

There is only a narrow footpath on one side of the road and vehicles often have to drive on this to pass each other.

The speed of vehicles is also worrying and there is an ongoing campaign to have some action taken.

Lincolnshire roads are in a very poor state. The County Council blames this on the Department of Transport for not making an additional grant of £6.5m in March this year.

However the Department of Transport provided Lincolnshire with an emergency grant of £6.2m in 2011 and overall Government funding for Lincolnshire road repairs for 2011-15 is in excess of £94m.

So why are our roads not in a decent state of repair? We will be trying to get a proper answer from the County Council.

A local resident has written to ask why there is now a £10 charge to have a disabled persons parking badge renewed.

As they point out there was no mention of this in their recent renewal letter and at the same time there is an erosion of free parking for disabled people in many council car parks.

There does not seem to have been a great deal of publicity about this charge and it is something we will be looking into.

There is still some money in our Councillor Big Society fund that groups and individuals within our area can still bid for.

We are happy to receive request from community and voluntary groups, registered charities, faith or belief groups, community interest companies and schools.

Awards are for projects that make a positive change in your area. Instead of asking for money you can also ask us to buy equipment for your organisation.

To apply just ask us for an award form.