COUNCILLORS TINKER AND O’CONNOR: ‘Have your say on roads and parking in Gainsborough’


We are aware that there is a petition circulating calling for the Gainsborough Market Place to be open for free short term parking for shoppers .

Now, 3,500 signatures are required for a petition to be effective and presented at a County Council meeting.

Mick Tinker has already persuaded West Lindsey District Council of the value of free parking on Tuesdays while Lincolnshire County Council work on Market Street improvements.

It may only have been a broken man hole cover on Ashcroft Road but it led to a number of issues being discussed at a meeting of the South West Action Group recently which Pat O’Connor attended. The recent deployment of the temporary speed warning signs had made a big difference in the area. There was concern about the sheer amount of traffic using this route as well as the damage it was causing to the road and nearby houses. Pat has asked the Road Safety Partnership to consider another survey to determine the volume and speed of vehicles in the area. He has also contacted the Highways Department in respect of possible traffic calming measures. A number of potholes and the man hole cover are due to be repaired shortly. At the junction of Love Lane with Morton Terrace, the continuing process of renewing the street lighting has thrown up another issue. The old lamp posts are still in place cluttering up the pavement. Pat has asked Highways to have them removed as soon as possible.

A recent email from a constituent asked Pat to look at the accident rate at the junction at Morton Terrace, Thonock Road and Morton Front Road. There have been a number of serious accidents and when they were mapped all appear to be in one particular section of the junction. Pat is now pressing for this particular junction to be made safer.

This is our last report before the Council election on 2nd May. We urge everyone to vote in the elections to support the democratic process.

Councillors Pat O’ Connor and Mick Tinker

Lincolnshire County Council