Councillors pull together to boost David Hawke Toy Appeal by £950

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Christmas-spirited Bassetlaw councillors have given Worksop’s annual David Hawke Toy Appeal an early boost with a generous donation of £950.

The annual toy appeal is run by Val Casey and her team at Worksop Estate Agents David Hawke, who collect toys and gifts from Bassetlaw residents and donate them to underprivileged children across the district.

For more than 20 years they have made sure that thousands of children have had a present to open on Christmas Day.

This year, a total of 14 councillors from Bassetlaw District Council have donated funds from their Community Grants.

Councillor Madelaine Richardson, Chairman of Bassetlaw District Council, said: “No child should go without a present on Christmas Day and this wonderful cause ensures that families in Bassetlaw can have an extra special day.”

Val Casey, sales manager at David Hawke, said: “We are expecting another fantastic response from the public this year who have been extremely supportive over the last two decades.

“This generous donation from councilors is really going to boost our appeal, so thank you to everyone who has donated.”

Councillors who donated included: Councillor Julie Leigh, Councillor Simon Greaves, Councillor Jo White, Councillor David Pidwell, Councillor Cliff Entwistle, Councillor Jim Anderson, Councillor Deborah Merryweather, Councillor Josie Potts, Councillor Alan Rhodes, Councillor Madelaine Richardson, Councillor Sue Shaw, Councillor David Challinor, Coumcillor Garry Clarkson and Councillor Anthony Tromans.

Both residents and businesses can donate to the Toy Appeal.

Simply drop off any gifts, unwrapped and suitable, at David Hawke’s office based at 84 Bridge Street.

The Priory Shopping Centre are also supporting the appeal and gifts can also be left at an additional collection point at Wilko.

The last day that gifts will be accepted is Tuesday, December 19, so the presents can be packed up and delivered in time for Christmas Day.

Val added: “ I would love to say the number of disadvantaged children in the district is less than it was last year, but sadly it has increased.

“If we could all just buy one extra present, it will make all the difference.”