Councillor’s lucky escape from Bulwell car smash

A scene of devastation on Rock Street, Bulwell, after a car crashed into a wall on May 9
A scene of devastation on Rock Street, Bulwell, after a car crashed into a wall on May 9

A Bulwell councillor says she is lucky to be alive after a car demolished a wall where she was due to be parked.

Former Sheriff of Nottingham Jackie Morris was due to visit her sister-in-law, at her home on Rock Street, when the accident happened at around 1.15pm, on Tuesday, May 9.

“Thank God there was no one hurt in it,” she said. “If we hadn’t decided to go somewhere else beforehand our car would have been smashed to pieces.

“It could have been absolutely disastrous. We went to visit Graham Allen on an errand first and were only there five minutes when we heard about it. I can’t believe it. A matter of a few minutes and we would have been there. You have got to believe in something!”

Her sister-in-law, Sandra Littlewood, was watching the lunchtime news when she “heard an almighty bang” and she went outside to be greeted by the scene of utter devastation pictured.

She said: “I saw a guy running across the drive and jump over the wall.

“The air bag went off so you can tell he hit the wall at some speed.

“The police can’t determine how it happened because there’s a grass verge beyond the wall and there are no skid marks.

“He’s come off the road and hit the wall but you can’t work out why.”

She said the wall, built of Bulwell stone, is “completely down” and the impact caused “an enormous amount of damage”.

Sandra, 71, a retired pub landlady, who ran pubs in Southend, Enfield and Highgate, in London, immediately called the police and stood guard over the silver car until officers arrived.

Mrs Morris added: “How he walked away from it, I haven’t got a clue. It will cost thousands to replace because Bulwell stone is so expensive.”

A spokesperson for Nottinghamshire police said: “Police were called to Rock Street in Bulwell at around 1.45pm on Tuesday, May 9, after a report that a car had collided with a wall and then driven off.

“Officers are investigating and have been making enquiries.

“If anyone saw or heard anything in the area around the time, please get in touch on 101 quoting incident 422 of 9 May 2017.”