Council responds to parking criticism from road users

Sainsburys, Newcastle Avenue, Worksop
Sainsburys, Newcastle Avenue, Worksop
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Frustrated drivers have called on the council to explain what it is doing to combat illegal parking at a town centre danger spot.

Bassetlaw Council launched a crackdown on people parking on double yellow lines outside Sainsbury’s on Newcastle Avenue last November.

But many motorists are still flouting the rules, parking on the kerb outside while they nip inside or use the cash machine.

Stan Emmerson wrote on the Guardian’s Facebook wall: “ You could get 100 pictures a day of those who park there, vans often park up and eat their lunch there, blocking vision for drivers coming out of both junctions either side of Sainsbury’s.”

Another irate motorist, Andrew Latham, said more resources should be put into monitoring the ‘trouble spot’ which he said was an ‘accident waiting to happen’.

He suggested the council should concentrate efforts here rather than making ‘easy money’ from people, like him, whose car park ticket had accidentally been displayed incorrectly.