Council facing legal case

Protest over the ban on disabled parking on Bridge Street  (w120522-3d)
Protest over the ban on disabled parking on Bridge Street (w120522-3d)

a GROUP of disabled people are taking legal action against Notts County Council for discriminating against them because of their disability.

Since 22nd May the council has restricted access to the centre of Worksop at Bridge Place, after an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order was passed on 9th of May.

Despite objections from disabled people and Disability Nottinghamshire the council pressed ahead with their plans.

Phyllis Hall, 72, says her way of life has altered dramatically because of the changes.

She has a number of disabilities which affect her mobility, including a fused lumbar spine, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and an irregular heartbeat.

Her partner Paddy is also disabled, but they are determined to lead as independent a life as possible.

The access changes mean their independent way of life has been brought to a halt. They are no longer able to get their bank to deal with their financial affairs or do some simple weekly shopping.

“The council has been notified that proceedings have been issued but we have yet to receive the papers from the court,” said Heather Dickinson, Notts County Council’s group manager for legal and democratic services.

“When the papers have been received we will carefully consider the issues raised but are not in a position to comment further on a matter which may come before the courts.”

The action is being brought against the council by Unity Law. Anyone who wants to join the action should call 0114 361 0000.