Council deputy chief executive suspended

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Gainsborough news

THE DEPUTY chief executive at West Lindsey District Council has been suspended for alleged ‘gross misconduct’.

The £80,000-a-year Adrian McCormick – who is responsible for the council’s finances - has been suspended on full pay while an investigation into his alleged misconduct takes place.

Despite opposition from councillors, high-earner Mr McCormick joined the council last January in an attempt by West Lindsey to cut spending on consultants and save taxpayers’ money.

Coun Ken Bridger was on the panel that interviewed Mr McCormick for the job.

He said: “We’re all a bit shocked really, we thought he was the best person for the job with the information we had.”

When asked whether or not he thought Mr McCormick was still the best person for the job, Coun Bridger replied: “I think the jury’s out on that one at the moment, until we hear the full outcome really.”

It is believed that a committee headed by chief executive Manjeet Gill is coming to the end of six weeks of evidence gathering before any potential disciplinary action.

WLDC leader Coun Burt Keimach said: “This sort of thing hasn’t happened at West Lindsey, not with officers.”

“Other members of senior staff are filling in on various projects that are going on and he was working on. I think they’ve divided his tasks between them.”

Fellow WLDC and Gainsborough Town Concillor Trevory Young said: “This seems like a routine process which all of us in local government are familiar with.”

“Organisations like ourselves have these things in place and I’m sure that this will be an open, transparent and fair procedure and it’s important that the council is seen to look into allegations like this.”

Regarding the £80,000 salary of Mr McCormick, Coun Young added: “It was quite controversial at the time but I think that’s the level of pay that the post attracts.”

In 2010 Mr McCormick spent ten months at Hull City Council working as interim head of improvement and transformation programme director.

As well as being deputy chief executive and director of resources at WLDC, Mr McCormick is the director of business transformation at a company called BTC Ltd.

Mr McCormick was unavailable for comment.

A West Lindsey District Council spokesman said: “Staffing processes are legally private and confidential between an employer and employee. Therefore legally we cannot comment on private matters.”