Cost of renting homes set to spiral across borough

Andrew Orrey, chief executive at North Lincolnshire Homes.
Andrew Orrey, chief executive at North Lincolnshire Homes.

The cost of renting a home from North Lincolnshire Homes is to increase by an average of £4.81 per week from April 2014.

Despite this increase, the company says it will remain one of the lowest cost housing providers not just in North Lincolnshire but in comparison to neighbouring landlords.

Every penny that NLH receives in rent is reinvested back into providing landlord services, local and affordable housing and improving communities.

Chief Executive Andy Orrey said: “To tell people their household costs are going up is never an easy message to give and, of course, we understand our tenants would prefer never to see their rent increase but in order to keep providing our current housing services and invest in our longer term futures, increases are inevitable.

“We will always strive to give our tenants with the very best value their rent will provide, not just with a house to live in, but with all the extra support services we offer, such as repairs, tenancy support, community development and even training and life skills for tenants.

“Currently 87 per cent of our tenants tell us their rent provides good value for money.

For more details tenants should phone 01724 279900.