Corringham: Plans have been submitted for an eight turbine wind farm which could power 11,500 homes

Campaign group No To Local Wind Farms has produced this image to show what a wind farm near Corringham would look like
Campaign group No To Local Wind Farms has produced this image to show what a wind farm near Corringham would look like

West Lindsey District Council has now formally registered leading UK renewable energy company RES’ planning application for its eight turbine Brown’s Holt Wind Farm.

The wind farm will be located to the north east of the village of Corringham and six kilometres north east of Gainsborough in Lincolnshire.

If approved, the wind farm could provide sufficient renewable electricity to meet the average demand of approximately 11,500 homes, which, for comparison, is equivalent to approximately 30 per cent of all the homes in the West Lindsey area.

Brown’s Holt Wind Farm will also provide a community benefits package of £72,000 per year, index linked, if it becomes operational.

This will be split between a Community Benefit Fund for investment in local community projects and RES’ innovative Local Electricity Discount Scheme (LEDS), which provides an annual discount on electricity bills to the wind farm’s nearest neighbours.

RES’ application follows local public consultation which included three days of exhibitions held in the villages of Corringham, Blyton and Willoughton in July 2014.

Development Manager, Chris Banks, said: “We appreciate the time people have taken to share their local knowledge and provide comments during our public consultation.”

“We have worked hard to involve local communities as the plans have evolved and have taken views into account when preparing the planning application to demonstrate how the proposed development has been carefully and considerately sited to minimise local impacts whilst maximising the generation of renewable electricity.”

“As one of the most cost effective forms of low carbon electricity generation, onshore wind is already playing a very important role in helping to bring down the cost of UK consumers’ electricity bills.”

“We therefore hope West Lindsey District Council see value in the role the Brown’s Holt Wind Farm could have in providing significant local benefits and strengthening the UK’s energy security.”

The application for the proposed Brown’s Holt Wind Farm was formally registered by West Lindsey District Council following confirmation that all planning documentation submitted in October 2014 was present and correct.

The Council will now begin a further consultation process with the local community and interested parties, when people have the opportunity to let the Council know their views on the wind farm proposal.

The planning documentation is available to be viewed by the public at