Cooplands staff walk out due to lack of wages


According to reports from BBC Lincolnshire this week, staff at a bakery firm have walked out after complaining they have not been paid for several weeks.

Employees at Cooplands in Lincoln, closed the store in protest over the issue on Thursday.

However George Burdett, a spokesman for the firm, which had its headquarters in Doncaster would not confirm or deny the story when contacted by the Free Press this week, saying: “It was grossly overstated.”

One member of staff claims that she was owed £1,400 and had not been paid for five weeks.

She said: “Me and my staff were just fed up of being behind in our wages.

“We started off getting 50 per cent of our wages every week and then it was down to 25 per cent and now we’re only getting about 20 per cent of our wages each week.

“It’s a nightmare because you can’t plan anything.”

Cooplands went into administration in February last year with the loss of 303 jobs.

Along with these job losses the company had to close 39 retail stores, together with the bakery and head office in Doncaster.

However, 41 retail stores stayed open following a buyout by restructuring firm ReSolve.