Column by Coun Barry Coward: Come and hear the thoughts of the young people in the town

Gainsborough and District Rail and Bus Users Group (GRaB) meeting at the Trinity Arts Centre. Chairman Barry Coward is pictured G121013-3a
Gainsborough and District Rail and Bus Users Group (GRaB) meeting at the Trinity Arts Centre. Chairman Barry Coward is pictured G121013-3a

Last Tuesday brought to an end a summer of public consultations for the Gainsborough Town Plan.

Twice a month Town Councillors were in Marshall’s Yard and the Market Place collecting your views on subjects as diverse as health, environment, crime, transport, leisure and fracking.

The replies are being processed by Councillor Keith Panter. He will be able to establish the topics that most concern residents.

This consultation follows presentations made by junior schools and on Tuesday 7th October the Town Council shall be listening to the views and concerns of teenagers.

The Gainsborough Youth Council meet that day and in the evening at 7pm the Gainsborough Town Council will meet at the Queen Elizabeth High School to receive a presentation from pupils.

As this is a meeting of the Town Council it is open to the public, so come and hear for yourself the thoughts of our young people.

Meanwhile businesses in Gainsborough are completing our online survey.

If you have not received an e-mail asking you to complete the survey and you would like to contribute e-mail

Next watch out for beer mats in Gainsborough pubs asking you questions.

Why is the Town Council bothering to do all this work? The council needs a plan.

A community led plan allows the Council to focus its limited resources on what matters most to local people.

The town plan will also feed into the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan, currently out for public consultation.

This a 25 year plan that will provide the framework for the growth of Gainsborough.

It has to be right otherwise the town and its people will suffer the consequences of poor and inappropriate planning.

It is also acts as a marketing tool to attract new businesses, especially manufacturing and engineering employers to Gainsborough.

Sometimes I feel Gainsborough is standing still. That cannot be. Towns either go forwards or backwards.

Gainsborough went badly backwards after the closure of Marshall’s and Roses.

There are some hopeful signs that Gainsborough is moving forward.

At the official opening of Gainsborough Academy last week Ed Holmes, Managing Director of Regal Belloit, announced that the town’s manufacturers were to get together to consider how they can attract more manufacturing and engineering businesses to our town.

There are problems such as skills shortages which manufactures are keen to work with Lincoln College via Gainsborough College and Gainsborough Academy to address.

There is also a desperate shortage of executive housing in Gainsborough needed to attract the best managers, design and research staff.