Collage to encourage Isle residents to recycle

Coun Neil Poole
Coun Neil Poole

As part of Recycle Week (June 22 to 28) North Lincolnshire Council’s waste management team and Mencap are creating a collage made from recyclable items to encourage more people to recycle.

The collage will be displayed at Scunthorpe Household Recycling Centre to make people think about their recycling habits.

It will be made from items that can be recycled at any of the household recycling centres across North Lincolnshire. These items include:

Plastics bottles and food containers

Ink cartridges





Hard plastics

Scrap metal


Small electrical items


The collage will say ‘Separate and recycle more’ to raise awareness of the need to separate waste and recycling before going to household recycling centres.

The theme for Recycling Week this year is ‘recycle around your home’. Its focus is on raising the public’s awareness that there are lots of items they can recycle from all around the home that they might not have previously thought about recycling.

Large amounts of recycling are being put into general waste skips at household recycling centres and being sent to landfill, which could have been recycled.

Think before you take your waste and recycling to household recycling centres. Ask yourself ‘can this be recycled?’. If it can be recycled separate it into materials such as hard plastics, scrap metal, plastic bottles, cans and textiles before you visit and place in the correct containers.

Councillor Neil Poole (pictured), cabinet member for Neighbourhoods, said: “We want to encourage people to think about how and what they recycle, then ask themselves if there is more they can be recycling. It’s important that we all recycle as much as we can and prevent items going to landfill unnecessarily. You can check the council’s website to find out what items we accept at household recycling centres as well as what you can recycle in your bins and boxes at home.

“The aim of the collage at Scunthorpe Household Recycling Centre is to grab people’s attention as they come on to the site. It will help them identify the items that can be recycled and get them thinking about their recycling habits.”

If you aren’t sure what can and can’t be recycled check the council’s website,

Many of the items that are disposed of at the sites are still in good condition and could be reused. These could be donated to charities or given to one of the reuse schemes. You can find more details about the reuse schemes on the council’s website, click here

You can also sell items at auction sites or a car boot sale, or even use a free cycle site such as click here or click here

Alternatively take your items to a household recycling centre and show them to the site attendant to see if they are suitable to be put in the reuse container.