Clowne: Derbyshire Fire Service now recruiting for on-call firefighters in village

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Derbyshire Fire Service is currently recruiting for on-call firefighters at Clowne station.

On-call firefighters are members of the community who are paid to respond to a variety of emergencies, from floods to road traffic collisions.

They are notified of an emergency call via a personal pager, which they carry with them when they are on duty.

Anyone interested needs to be aged 17 ½ years or over, able to attend the drill night on station on the allocated night each week, provide on-call availability between 60-120 hours per week and be able to reach the station within the specified response time during their availability.

“Typically, we are looking for people that can offer daytime midweek availability,” said a spokesman.

For more details on the job visit

The closing date is Monday, 7th July.