Clean sweep for Gainsborough

LAST week your Gainsborough Standard teamed with West Lindsey Council in a bid to clean up this town.

We asked you, the public, to name and shame any areas in town that suffer from fly tipping, graffiti, litter or are overgrown and messy.

It might have been quicker to ask you if you could spot any areas that are clean, tidy and well kept.

Then the council could just target everywhere else.

Perhaps we could just divide Gainsborough into a grid and start at square one and work our way round? The trouble is by the time we got a quarter of the way through square one would be a total mess again.

The main problem is the people, not the mess. Folks and youngsters need re-training about how to tidy up after themselves.

Back in my day you looked after your front yard, but looking at a lot of houses round here that is just not the case any more.

Some people’s gardens are so overgrown I half expect Ant and Dec to appear with a band of Z-list ‘celebrities’ and announce they’re building a camp for the latest load of ITV twaddle.

A lot of people seem to have bricked over their front drives to make way for work vehicles and skips.

And the people with skips at the front of their houses are actually doing the right thing, because at least they are not fly tipping waste all over town.

What kind of person thinks it is okay to dump sofas, washing machines, and old televisions at the side of the road?

But fly tipping is definitely something that is new to this generation.

So many people seem to have the attitude that because they pay taxes it is therefore their God given right to do whatever they please. In the end they are only messing up their own town and living space.

If everyone spent 15 minutes cleaning up the small strip of street directly in front of their own homes the town could be given a face lift in one morning.

It’s the same way when there is a small flurry of snow people take to their homes, sit on their backsides, and then complain that they are snowed in. Like they think the council should appear and dig their front path out for them.

Well I’m urging everyone to get behind our campaign and really try to help us make Gainsborough a cleaner brighter place to live.

Sometimes it’s just a case of picking up your litter. Or if you see a coke can rolling across the market square on a windy day pick it up and pop in the bin. There are enough around that you won’t even have to walk far to do it!

And that counts for when the eventual snow storm that everyone is speculating about, finally arrives.

Get out there and clear your path and if you have got an elderly neighbour do theirs while you are at it.

If everyone cleared their own patch of road this year the town wouldn’t have to grind to a total standstill like it did this time last year.

And if you’ve spotted a particularly grotty spot in Gainsborough then tell us about it and we will let the council know it needs sorting.

Write to me at Gainsborough Standard, 5-7 Market Place, Gainsborough.