Chancellor in Gainsborough the day after his Budget

Chancellor Philip Hammond on his visit to Eminox.
Chancellor Philip Hammond on his visit to Eminox.

Only a day after delivering his latest Budget, Chancellor Philip Hammond was in Gainsborough to visit one of the town’s most celebrated companies.

A key element of the Budget was to give £20 million to local councils to help meet pollution targets. So it was fitting that Mr Hammond made a fact-finding tour of emission control specialists Eminox on the Corringham Road Industrial Estate.

Eminox designs and manufactures high-performance, stainless-steel exhaust and emission control systems for the bus, truck and rail industries.

Its technologies enable operators to cost-effectively upgrade older vehicles to comply with air-quality targets, reducing emissions by up to 99 per cent.

The Chancellor toured Eminox’s state-of-the-art manufacturing base and its development centre, and also inspected its latest equipment and products.

Carlos Vicente, of Eminox, said: “Mr Hammond’s visit reaffirmed the significance to public health of reducing emissions. Choosing to come to Eminox demonstrated the importance of our market-leading technology.”